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"Why BCS?"

We are Academically Strong! Accredited by WASC and ACSI. 90% of our graduates attend college

We are Biblically Sound! Christ-centered in all we do with a Biblically integrated curriculum

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Welcome To Baptist Christian School

From our Administrator, Mr. Mark Best: "The mission of Baptist Christian School is to passionately pursue Christ by providing families with a Christ-centered education. Because of this, BCS has adopted an admission policy which makes the school open to families who are like-minded spiritually, who are supportive of the philosophy, objectives, and standards of the school, and whose children meet enrollment standards. Our purpose is to serve families who desire a Christian school education for their children, not simply a 'private school education.' Baptist Christian School makes no distinction in its admission policy on the basis of race, color, or national and ethnic origin.

I am pleased that you are considering Baptist Christian School for your child. I am confident that BCS will provide an environment where your child will grow academically as well as spiritually.

Baptist Christian School unashamedly believes, teaches, and practices a literal interpretation of the Word of God. We do understand and respect those who may have differences in the 'minor' areas of certain doctrines (e.g. church government, style of worship, etc.) and I am confident that your student will not feel confused as we do not overemphasize the minor issues."
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Academically Strong

Academically Strong

Accredited by WASC and ACSI with 90% of our graduates attending college we meet the admission requirements for the UC system.

Biblically Sound

Biblically Sound

Baptist Christian School is committed to a Biblical worldview. In short, your child will be exposed to the great truths of Scripture every day.

Why BCS?

Why BCS?

We are a Safe Place, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually.
  • What is ACSI Accreditation?

    Baptist Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).  Accreditation with ACSI is sought by schools in order to validate their quality and to verify that they are striving for excellence. Accreditation should be viewed as an ongoing process of school-wide improvement and development through which a school strives for educational and spiritual excellence. It is a process of recognizing and assessing schools against accepted standards of performance, integrity, and quality.

    Spiritual Characteristics of ACSI Schools

    ACSI schools most often include these among their top priorities: for students to have a close, personal relationship with God and for students to develop a Christian worldview.

    Academic Characteristics of ACSI Schools

    Since 1974 ACSI schools have scored significantly higher than the national norm in every grade level on a national achievement test.  ACSI schools average more required course credits in math, science, English, Bible, social studies, art and music, and physical education that other programs.

    Cultural Characteristics of ACSI Schools

    ASCI schools have greater student involvement in community service, politics, and fine arts.  Christian school graduates have a stronger sense of direction in their lives and are more confident in their ability to deal with life challenges than their peers. 
    For more information, please read: "Why An ACSI School?"

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